Vistara’s ‘RADA’ robot to assist and address customers at airports

Vistara has launched a new AI-based robot that is aimed at assisting customers at airports,

along with addressing their queries. The ‘RADA’ robot will initially be placed at the company’s Signature Lounge at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 from July 5, 2018, for helping customers in the lounge. The robot’s functionality is touted to be improved over time with new features, after taking user feedback.

According to the company, the robot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and can assist customers, address their queries and even entertain them.

“During its initial stage, RADA will be placed at Vistara’s Signature Lounge at Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3 from July 5 to assist customers using the lounge before they board their flights,” the airline said in a statement.

“‘RADA’ will be further developed over a period of time in terms of functionality and features for future use cases, after gauging customer feedback.”

At present, the robot can scan boarding passes and further provide information on the terminal, departure gates, weather conditions of destination city, real time flight status as well as information about Vistara’s products and services.

“It greets customers and interacts with them using basic hand movements, and is capable of moving around in the lounge on predefined pathways,” the statement said.

“Additionally, it can engage with kids and adults alike by playing games and other multimedia content such as songs and videos.”

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