Honda tests autonomous work vehicle at Toronto Airport

The demonstration is set to unveil the potential of Honda’s AWV which is aiming for full commericalisation.

Cat Vitale October 18, 2023

The all-electric Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle has been unveiled at Toronto Pearson Airport. Credit: Honda.

Japanese-based automobile manufacturer Honda has demonstrated its electric autonomous work vehicle (AWV) at the Toronto Pearson Airport with the aim of bringing new value to airfield operations.

The demonstration featured an autonomous fence inspection with applications including perimeter security analysis, aircraft equipment hauling and baggage cart towing.

According to Honda, the AWV is now aiming for commercialisation and is looking for partners to field test the system for future airfield operations.

The off-road vehicle is set to navigate its own inspection routes through the use of Honda’s software system, which will oversee the vehicle moving around worksites by setting start and stop points. The system can also work manually through the use of a remote control.

Additionally, the AWV features a variety of sensors that enable its autonomous features, including GPS for location, radar and lidar for obstacle detection and stereoscopic 3D cameras for remote monitoring. 

Jason VanBuren, systems engineering manager at Honda, emphasised the further collaboration opportunities expected between the manufacturer and airside operators.

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