How can we ensure the responsible use of drones?

Following recent disruptions, new legislations regarding drones are coming into force, including increased airport exclusion zones, additional police power, fixed-penalty notices and modern technologies to detect and repel drones. Lee Mansell, COO of Operational Solutions, details how airports should use an UTM system to safely integrate drones into their operations.

How can we ensure the responsible use of drones?

There is no doubt drones can bring both commercial and societal benefits. Responsible use of drones must, however, include legislative compliance. This legislation has to be enforceable to make any difference and even then, there is an argument it will not deter ‘bad actors’. However, if authorities are given the resources to enforce the legislation then there is a genuine threat of detection followed by detention. That could persuade the bad actor that the chances of completing their mission are too low to justify it. Some terrorists are as motivated by the publicity a successful attack generates as by the actual harm caused. A defeated attack presents a negative publicity risk and potential long-term disruption to terrorist capability.

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