Airport Advisor participate “International Airport Review Awards 2018”

We are pround to participate to the International Airport Review Awards 2018 for our mobile app Airport Advisor.

KOUIK Agency (which runs airport benchmarking) has created a mobile app (IOS and Android) called Airport Advisor.

The app is available in 14 languages.

For whom : for airports owners

Why : as  said in the last press release of IAR :” Almost a fifth of people would travel further to fly from a specific airport in order to get better service…”

How do we bring an answer to this?

With our mobile app Airport Advisor :
Passengers have the opportunity to mark, quote and discuss about 17 airports’ services in our app. They can post pictures, discuss in through the forum.

This create a valuable and specific Big Data for airports.

No need to be anymore on many social medias to find out about airport’s E-reputation.

The app works as a funnel.

To get these feedbacks, airports have to become member of our programm. We give a first pack of three services of their choice, on the 17 available. And each additive service is in supplement.
We deliver you CSV exports sorted by services (weekly, monthly…) as you wish.

By analysing these feedbacks airports will learn from their customers what they do like or want to see improved and even will ask for new services.

contact us at :  for more details

Our teaser 1/5 here :

visit the store IOS and Android and download the app to find out more about it.


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