Airlines & Airports Prepare to Predict the Future

Airlines & Airports Prepare to Predict the Future (Learn More – Video)

SITA report outlines new technology to help airlines and airports predict future events

Airlines and airports are investing in technologies to help predict and prepare for future events.

This is according to The future is predictable, a report published by air transport IT provider, SITA, outlining how efforts are being made to tackle the estimated US$25 billion* cost of flight disruptions to the air transport industry by harnessing artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, predictive analytics and other progressive technical capabilities.

SITA’s analysis reveals that predictive tools using artificial intelligence and cognitive computing are likely to be adopted by half of airlines and airports over the coming five to 10 years.

However, a few front runners are already trialing predictive modeling, machine learning, and data mining. These efforts are mainly focused on initiatives that will provide passengers with more relevant information about their journey to create more seamless and personal experiences.

“There is a desire to remove as much uncertainty as possible during travel,” said Nigel Pickford, Director Market Insight at SITA

“Airlines and airports are focusing on technologies that will make them more responsive to issues in their operations. This will enable them to improve their performance and customer services.”

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