Understanding the airport passenger

Understanding the airport passenger with ACI World’s unique Survey.

We bring you an exclusive interview with Head of ASQ at ACI World, Dimitri Coll as we discuss how airports can radically improve their understanding of passengers.

The conversation has shifted. The air passenger now expects a seamless experience from door to door. The challenge for airports is ensuring the satisfaction of the new demands of the modern passenger. How might this be achieved? International Airport Review‘s Roy Manuell spoke to Dimitri Coll, Head, Airport Service Quality (ASQ), ACI World while at Passenger Terminal Expo earlier in March to discuss the innovative solution ACI World is presenting to airports across the globe.

What is the ASQ survey?

In essence, the ASQ Survey provides a rating for the performance of an airport in 34 of the key service areas in order to provide a global comparison standard for airports.

The survey ultimately gauges passenger satisfaction when travelling through a particular airport while they are physically in the airport itself. This ensures that passengers are instinctive in the responses they give. ASQ surveys are currently conducted at over 320 airports worldwide, covering more than half of the world’s 7.1 billion annual passengers and more than 75% of the world’s 100 top airports are currently ASQ Survey members. The survey itself is designed to be flexible and its coverage ranges from some of the world’s smallest commercial airports to the mega-hubs.

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