Top world biggest airports mega projects !

In this spectacular video,You will see what are the world biggest airports projects in the world.airport are essential for our travel to foreign countries.

Normally airport are boring and disgusting. But there are some airports that are spectacular and are changing the airport industry forever. Travel will never be the same.The future of travel and transportation will never be the same again! 5-The Vietnam Long Thanh International Airport :This big mega project will cost 8 billions ad will reshape the tansportation in vietnam forever.The construction will start in 2019 and will be finished in 2025. 5-Istanbul(turkey)new airport:This mega project that will cost 30 billions$ will change the face of Turkey and Istanbul forever.All the amenites will be included and it will be one of the smartest airports in the world.It will open in 2018. 3-Abu Dhabi international airport:Abu dhabi is less know that Dubai,but its the capital of uae(united Arab Emirates)This airport will have an amazing architecture.There are no words to tell how incredible will be this airport. The future airport will open in 2019. 2-Mexico New International Airport: This mega airport will be incredlble and amazing.With its futuristic architecture,it will be one of the best and most beautiful airports in the world.The opening date is scheduled for 2020. 1- Changi Jewel airport in Singapore This airport is know as the most advanced and automated in the world. There is everything there. There are gardens,movie theaters,lounges,fountains,and you dont need to be checked by humans there. but Jewel Changi will be the most beautiful and the best airport ever.a Fountain will be included and a artificial garden too. Bonus:The Beijing airport in china want to expand and become the world biggest airport in the world. Dubai want to do the same to by expanding its current airport.

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