The Largest Airport In The World To Open In 2019 In Beijing

The world’s largest airport is going to open in Beijing in 2019

and it is the work of the late renowned architect Zaha Hadid. The brand new airport claims to be the biggest, according to a report released by Reuters with the unofficial current name Beijing New Airport.

Daxing district is going to be the home of the new airport and will be serving the constantly growing needs that Beijing has in regards to air transport. Civil aviation presence is going to be drastically increased for the entire country because of the addition. China Easter Airlines and China Southern Airlines are set to consider the new airport as their home, according to a statement made by the National Development And Reform Commission.

The entire SkyTeam Alliance will be housed under a single roof thanks to the airport. This allows really easy flight connections for all the passengers. BuroHappold Engineering, which is a part of the consortium team winning the competition to design some space elements, various different expansive and open interiors are going to be present. This is a signature of Zaha Hadid and it is great to see that it is considered by the remaining architects.

Zaha Hadid was responsible for the design of the new airport’s main terminal building. Civic gardens are going to be present, together with separate areas servicing passengers for domestic and international flights. The building is really compact, even if the area will be open. The main focus with the terminal was to reduce travel times for passengers.

On the Zaha HAdid Architecture site it was stated that the airport terminal features an overall symmetry that connects with flowing and interconnected forms in order to create a composition that is fluid and that can evoke balance and harmony, two elements really common in the Chinese landscapes. Materials and colors chosen will be connected with traditional Chinese culture.

Various interesting innovative design features are expected in the huge 700,000 square meters terminal. This includes 6 curved spikes included in the central hub and walkaways that are connecting different points with the purpose of making navigation much simpler.

Not much is known about the different amenities available. However, based on the size of the new Beijing Airport it is expected to feature all that is needed for all types of passengers. This should include restaurants, waiting areas, the possibility to rent cars and stay safe on the roads leading out of the airport, souvenir shops and more.

4 runways will be functional when the airport officially opens. 2 extra opening phases are going to open extra areas. At the end of the opening the airport will be able to deal with 100 million passengers every single year. The airport will be connected to the railway station system of the country to allow easy transportation to other parts of Beijing.

Travel times are obviously going to be eased, given the size of the new airport. Statistics show that the Capital International Airport in Beijing is the second busiest in the entire world. The addition of the largest airport in the world should help.

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