Sochi International Airport successfully trialed RFID Baggage Management System

International Sochi Airport (IATA: AER),

part of Basel Aero airport holding, has experienced tremendous passenger and baggage growth since 2013 with all the numbers more than doubled since then and exceeded 5 million passengers per year. Optimizing business process and making airports’ infrastructure use more efficient has become a priority for airport’s management to handle rapidly increasing volumes.
Sochi International Airport limited by existing terminals dimensions, it was not both physically and economically feasible to install fully automatic Baggage Handling System, and Airport’s management continued to search for a solution being able to enhance Baggage Operations and introduce Baggage Tracking according to IATA Resolution № 753 requirements.
Longest Chance has offered a possibility for Sochi International Airport to pilot new innovative RFID-based Baggage Management and Tracking Solution to confirm and measure productivity increase by introducing Baggage Management to airport operations.
Among key benefits of Longest Chance Solution identified by International Sochi Airport’s it’s necessary to highlight the following:
Longest Chance Solution is fully addressing operational challenges connected to Baggage make-up, Baggage Loading and Offloading on board of an aircraft, gathering full Baggage relate statistics;
Provision of Operational Baggage Dashboards, Statistics and Analytics;
Baggage Loaders productivity increase exceeding 35%;
Full Compliance with IATA Resolution №753 requirements;
Elimination of misdirected baggage incidents;
Cost saving on expensive Baggage Messaging distribution services subscription.
We encourage you to watch a short video report below illustrating Longest Chance system in action in Sochi International Airport.

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