RAY™ at Düsseldorf Airport

Finding a parking space in city areas is a pain. It takes a lot of time and often you still have to walk quite a way to your final destination.

Not anymore at the Düsseldorf Airport – thanks to RAY™ by SERVA!

The airport launched „First Class Parking“ – using our revolutionairy automated parking system.

Our mission at SERVA: we want to make parking as convenient and easy as possible.

No more searching. With RAY™ – there’s always a free space.
In the brightly lit RAY™ transfer station all doors can be fully opened – customers can easily enter and exit the car without the risk of damaging their car or others.

Check in via the check-in terminal directly next to your car.
Your car gets scanned – and via the smartphone app you receive the ticket.

And that’s it. The rest is up to RAY™ – our highly flexible and intelligent parking robot.

While you are already on your way RAY adjusts his size to the size of your car and will fetch it from the transfer station to park it for you.
More time – less stress.

Once you are ready to fetch your car again – just order it via the app to avoid any waiting time!

First Class Parking in Düsseldorf also means: it’s just a 5 minutes walk to the serva transfer station.

And there you go: Enter the car and leave the station forwards.
That’s what we call convenient & easy parking.

Serva – we park for you!



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