Passengers at CPH to assist in development of new security protocol

Passengers at Copenhagen Airport will be trialling new security features to ensure the longevity of the new technology, which will enable passengers to leave liquids in hand luggage.


Credit: Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) has announced the beginning of the development planned for the current security protocols at the airport. These developments will improve the passenger experience by eventually ensuring that passengers can go through security without having to remove computers and liquids from their hand luggage. Until then, travellers and employees will test the new security equipment to help find the best solution for a new and future-proof security system.

The new security system will be developed over the next couple of years using two dedicated lanes (23 and 24), where the airport initially will test two new lane designs. These lanes will in the first instance be longer and have more packing stations to increase the number of passengers that can prepare for the screening process. New technology along with new equipment for baggage screening will also be introduced on the two lanes in the spring. The new equipment consists of C3 scanners, which can display advanced 3D images and allow passengers to leave electronics and liquids in the hand luggage during the screening process.

Johnnie Müller, Head of Security at Copenhagen Airport, said: “An increase in passengers and demands on security obviously places a high demand on airport security. We are constantly working to optimise the security process and improve the customer experience throughout the airport. It is therefore crucial that the new lanes and equipment are tested in operation, so that our employees and travellers can experience them in real situations. In this way, we can develop the best possible solution for the future.”

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