Opinion: How digital and mobile technology is changing airport engagement

by The Moodie Davitt Report News Room Source: ©The Moodie Davitt Report 19 July 2019

Digital and mobile technology is changing the way passengers travel through airports and how they engage with their surroundings. International location-based marketing specialist PSI outlines the challenges and opportunities these developments present to advertising approaches across these environments.

There’s a lot of debate in the aviation industry recently about who owns the ‘end to end’ passenger experience. But the real question should be: How can travel operators and brands best work together to enhance the overall experience for passengers in a more personalised and streamlined way?

This compelling video tells how PSI created and implemented a powerful campaign to communicate Johnnie Walker Black Label’s new brand identity at London Heathrow Airport – and beyond. This ambitious multi-touchpoint strategy targeted travellers before they reached the airport and even once they boarded their planes, through an array of transit, airport, airline and digital/social media options. The impact was extraordinary.

Gone are the days of passengers having to carry laminated folders containing multiple copies of their airline, car rental, hotel booking and related travel documents.

Digital has revolutionised the way that consumers navigate their journeys. Mobile has gone from being a communication accessory to an integral part of the travel experience.

Technology offers the opportunity for more streamlined and personalised passenger engagement – from chatbots and electronic baggage tags to beacons and biometric tokens. PSI’s OCS research reveals that 76% of travellers use their mobile phones or tablets while travelling through the airport.

This new digital frontier has given rise to more travel providers vying for consumer attention at different stages of their journey, which in turn is opening new enhanced media touchpoints. But this can make the experience feel more fragmented and disjointed at a time where there are increased opportunities to make travel more seamless and connected.

This is best observed in the mobile app space, where travel operators and digital disruptors are developing applications that seem to address and digitalise a service for any and all parts of the passenger journey. But very few provide an overarching, scalable one-stop-shop solution for significant parts of the journey.

source : https://www.moodiedavittreport.com/opinion-how-digital-and-mobile-technology-is-changing-airport-engagement/

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