Missed flights, confusing navigation, limited traffic to retailers—airports have plenty of challenges when it comes to improving the passenger experience and increasing retail and concession revenue.

Phunware’s brandable, location-aware mobile apps for iOS and Android help passengers navigate in the terminal with GPS-like guidance to shops, restaurants, amenities (and of course, the departure gate). They also provide on-demand information about flights, concessions, retailers and more, keeping passengers informed and relaxed.

Phunware’s mobile solutions don’t end with the passenger, though: powerful behind-the-scenes tools make it easy for businesses in and outside the terminal to drive foot traffic and engage travelers with location-based promotions and offers. Download the feature sheet to learn more.

Mobile-Powered Passenger Experience


Real-time Indoor Navigation

Advanced mobile wayfinding capabilities with turn-by-turn directions help passengers find their gate, their favorite coffee shop, the closest book store or any other destination within the airport.


Flight Tracker

Give passengers on-demand information about flights, delays and gate changes.


Interactive Directories

Concessionaires, retailers and services are listed in interactive directories with one-tap navigation.



Increase in-airport spending through location-aware promotions that drive passengers to nearby retailers and concessionaires.


Surveys and Feedback

Passengers can leave feedback and complete surveys in the app.

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