LiDAR Technology Monitors Crowd Density and Maintains Safe Distance in Public Facilities during COVID-19 Crisis

LiDAR sensing technology is now commonly known as a solution for automotive driving and ADAS system, but the technology also leverage its edges in a time of the COVID-19 crisis. An indoor motion analysis software developer, iinsider, released SafeDistance, a free upgrade to its LiDAR-powered solution for monitoring and analyzing crowd density in public spaces.

The software utilizes LiDAR sensors and 3D perception software from Quanergy to help airport, venue and facility managers monitor and mitigate crowding and congestion, and maintain safe distancing within their venues.

(Image: iinside)

LiDAR sensors are placed throughout venues and facilities to capture the data necessary for SafeDistance to predict or identify over-crowding and trigger an alert to venue and facility managers. SafeDistance allows building management to monitor the effectiveness of customer spacing efforts 24/7 and take the necessary action to preserve safe distancing practices. In addition, historical heat maps that highlight zones where crowd spacing falls below configurable parameters, or real-time spacing between passengers, customers, employees or sports fans can all be track to help manage safe social distancing.

The technology is offered to the company’s current customers, including several major airports in the U.S. “We recognize that the world will be a very different place once shelter-at-home mandates are lifted and public venues re-open,” said Sam Kamel, CEO of iinside. “We wanted to do our part to help restore the public’s confidence in going to the airport, a sports arena, or any other venue. By providing venue and facility managers with real-time crowd density information and predictive analytics, they can take immediate action to uphold proper social spacing.”

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