LG presents new conceptual robots to carry your drinks, your suitcase and your purchases.

LG presents new conceptual robots to carry your drinks, your suitcase and your purchases.

LG intends to make useful robots. Last year CES presented a pair of bots designed to clean up at airports and help travelers find their way. Today, he announced a trio of new robots designed to help transport things from drinks to suitcases and purchases. The technical details about the three bots are scarce including how big they are and how fast they move, but judging by their images, they are shorter than humans, with some kind of wheelbase hidden for movement. It has built-in screens, presumably to provide information and receive instructions, and has the same bright-eyed robot face that the company used for its home concentrator robot. The robots will be part of the new “CLOi” range of LG, the new brand for all its robot products. From left to right in the image at the top of the page, there is the CLOi service robot, which has a built-in sliding tray and will distribute food and drinks in hotels and airports; the CLOi gatekeeper robot, which will transport luggage and can also handle “express check-in and check-out services”; and the CLOi purchasing robot, which will follow the customers of the stores, picking up their purchases and increasing their prices. All three are “conceptual” robots, which means they are not for general sale. But, presumably, LG will begin to test them in places very soon. Its two airport robots are already being tested at the Incheon International Airport in South Korea, with the aim of helping during the rush for the Winter Olympics in neighboring Pyeongchang County. We will see more of the new CLOi robots at CES next week, so be careful with more.

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