Intelligent trolleys could improve the passenger experience

Intelligent trolleys could improve the passenger experience from security check to gate.

Many things are ‘smart’ these days, so why not airport trolleys? Danish company Exruptive will present an ‘intelligent’ trolley and an innovative security check system.

Queues at security check points are stressful for passengers, and consume time they could be spending in the duty-free area or eating and drinking. Exruptive has therefore developed a scanner and trolley combination that allows passengers to place their hand luggage in the trolley before they join the security line, and then feed the whole trolley into the scanner without having to take out electronic devices.

The trolley is then conveyed through a multi-energy x-ray scanner, for which proof of concept will be obtained early this year, prior to ECAC C3 certification.

After security, the trolley becomes the traveller’s personal guide through duty free and to the boarding gate. A touchscreen tablet integrated into the trolley provides the passenger with real-time wayfinding, updated boarding information, personalised promotions and a recharge point for their phone. Meanwhile, it feeds back data intelligence and a unique marketing opportunity for airport operators and shops.

The smart trolley offers an alternative to airport-centric apps, which remain unpopular with many passengers. Exruptive believes providing the device and the software makes passengers more likely to engage with the technology, resulting in more opportunity for targeted marketing and more source data about passenger flow and behaviour.

Field tests in airports are planned for later this year, with the system ready for market in early 2019.

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