Incheon Int’l Airport opens capsule hotel

Incheon Int’l Airport opens capsule hotel for transit, late-night passengers


To provide the most comfortable rest for transit or late-night passengers,… Incheon International Airport opened the nations’ first capsule hotel.
Our Oh Jung-hee files us this report from the airport.
Using an airport can be strenuous, especially if there are layovers, cancellations, and delays. But a new service has opened at Korea’s main gateway, to make traveling a much more pleasant experience.
Incheon International Airport opened the very first capsule hotel in Korea called ‘Darak Hyu,’ meaning ‘a rest in the attic,’… and started services on Friday.

The capsule hotel has sixty rooms of four different types… with prices ranging from 7-thousand to 11-thousand Korean won per hour, or roughly six to nine U.S. dollars. “The rooms are small but fully equipped… to give transit and late-night passengers a comfortable stay. And unlike the original capsule hotels, the rooms have a full-sized bed and a shower.”

With a keyless system integrated into the Internet of Things, users can open doors, check in or out, and even control lighting and room temperatures just by using a smartphone app. “We believe the capsule hotel can enhance convenience for customers, while strengthening the airport’s competence. With this hotel and services in mind, passengers will have more options in terms of scheduling their departure and arrival times along their journeys.”

Airport users overall showed positive expectations towards the capsule hotel. “People could wait for their flights in a more comfortable way than just sitting on the benches here. Staying in the hotel would be also nice for customers whose flights depart at dawn or for those who come from faraway regions.” “Some stops are 7 hours so I cannot go out to the city and I have to stay for transfer. and I really want to take shower. If its around 7 dollars per hour, it’s quite affordable for us students. The capsule hotel is expected to lessen the downsides of any journey and provide passengers going through Incheon International Airport with a more relaxed and comfortable experience.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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