Incheon Airport to deploy robots …

Incheon Airport to deploy robots to handle baggage, customer service and cleaning duties.

Incheon International Airport will deploy 15 robots to handle baggage, customer service and cleaning duties late this year.

The airport will deploy 15 robots for a trial run until August 2017. Five robots will offer directions to airport users, another five will handle baggage processing and five will clean floors. In future the robots will also handle security checks, issue boarding passes and serve food and drinks in airport lounges.

The robots, developed by LG, are capable of moving adeptly through crowds and can speak Korean,

English, Chinese and Japanese. They will be programmed to answer customer queries and complaints based on input since the airport opened in 2001. If a robot can’t answer a query, it will seek the necessary information from an airport official.

The information will be transmitted in real time to other robots so they can answer the question too.

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