How airport data can be used for personalized travel retail offers

What does the #future #airport look like?

Kian Gould and Peter Mohn discuss how can airports create an integrated online and e-commerce customer experience.

The #airport #industry is one of the data richest industries, especially when airports and airlines collaborate and connect their data and loyalty programs. With e-commerce and #data #automation, airports have the great chance to create personalized offers for each customer. Having this passenger footprints is a major advantage compared to big players like Amazon and Alibaba. Airports have another big advantage: for airports, the two main e-commerce cost drivers in e-commerce, traffic acquisition and product returns, can be neglected. For airports, online traffic comes for free, and returns and return shipping costs can be almost zero, as passengers get their delivery at the airport. Having those two cost drivers at almost zero, #digitalization and e-commerce is a big opportunity for airports and #travel #retail.


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