Hamad Airport launches new navigation and digital customer service solution for “seamless and enhanced airport journey”

Hamad International Airport is elevating its passenger experience with innovative digital wayfinding. QR codes are leveraged to provide an easy to use wayfinding solution through different digital touchpoints.

Hamad International Airport is elevating its passengers’ airport experience with the introduction of innovative digital wayfinding. QR codes are leveraged to provide an easy to use wayfinding solution through different digital touchpoints located across the terminal.

Whether trying to navigate from ORCHARD to LampBear, wanting to try one of the many dining or retail experiences at the airport, or finding a departure gate, the aim is that passengers will experience frictionless wayfinding.

The QR Codes are available across the airport through Flight Information Display Screens, Passenger Digital Assistance Kiosks and other key touchpoints. The new digital solution is compatible with all mobile devices and passengers can seamlessly connect to Hamad International Airport’s next-generation Wi-Fi to use the service.

“We are constantly reviewing and evaluating our multiple digital touchpoints for passengers to ensure we meet their requirements,” said Suhail Kadri, Senior Vice President of Technology and Innovation, Hamad International Airport. “By investing and utilising the latest innovative technological solutions and listening to global passenger requirements at our airport, we will continue to set and exceed industry standards.”

Digital Concierges located at ORCHARD include information about retail and F&B offerings, flight information, relaxation and rejuvenation options, and attractions at the airport. Travellers can scan the QR code to navigate to their chosen point of interest on their mobile.

The airport has also introduced the Passenger Digital Assistance Kiosks, which are located at the North Plaza and around the iconic LampBear to further enhance the passenger experience.

As part of its digital transformation strategy, Hamad International Airport is constantly investing in the latest technology and innovative solutions designed to “optimise operations and provide a seamless and enhanced airport journey for passengers”.

source : https://www.futuretravelexperience.com/2023/08/hamad-airport-launches-new-navigation-and-digital-customer-service-solution-for-seamless-and-enhanced-airport-journey/

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