Fly to Gate : A touchless biometric journey improving passenger experience and airport efficiency

Providing passengers with a unique, easy, highly intuitive travel experience is a top priority for airports and airlines.

We have created Fly to Gate, based on IATA’s OneID concept, the end-to-end airport self-service experience for travelers.​​​​
Thales Fly to Gate solution combines Thales deep expertise in  biometrics, identity management, border control, cybersecurity and  system integration.

Effective self-service solutions that airports and airlines can implement at their own pace are a must considering the rise in air travellers.

Air travel is exciting! It is the start of a journey. But long queues can sometimes make it stressful. In order for air travel stakeholders to keep customers satisfied, while optimizing airport operational efficiency, a seamless passenger experience is crucial. Thales Fly to Gate solution enables a touchless, fast and easy passenger journey – from check-in (whether at home or at the airport) to boarding. It combines Thales’ deep expertise in biometrics, identity management, border, security and system integration, to offer an end-to-end solution that improves both passenger experience and airport efficiency. Thales Fly to Gate, compliant with IATA’s OneID concept, uses biometric authentication at the mandatory airport checkpoints, allowing passengers to move through quickly and effortlessly – and with no compromise on security and personal data protection. To learn more about this solution visit our Fly to Gate page:…

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