Europeans experienced satellite control of the drone

Europeans experienced satellite control of the drone, removes restrictions on the range of flight

The first medium-altitude UAV long duration flight

Italian engineering company Piaggio in conjunction with the service company aerospace equipment Telespazio conducted a successful test of control system of unmanned aerial vehicles for satellite communication. It is reported by Defense News.

The tests were conducted on the apparatus of the Piaggio P. 1HH. It is the first medium-altitude UAV long duration flight, which was created in Europe.

Part of the modern UAV is controlled by radio, the maximum range which is limited to a few hundred kilometers. Sometimes this range may not be enough. Satellite system control the drones allow you to remove the limitation range of vehicles imposed by radio communications.

“For example, using drones controlled via satellite link, by operators which are in one country can lead the exploration in the other. So, driving via satellite drones MQ-1C Gray Eagle the U.S. air force operators in the United States, can conduct reconnaissance and to strike blows to positions of fighters in Afghanistan or Syria,” – said in the message.

Testing of the European system of satellite control drones took place in Sicily Trapani airport. To send commands Drona P. 1HH and receive data from the device used satellite Athena-Fidus, constructed and displayed on the orbit together with the French company Thales in 2014.

In the future, the Italians plan to make the system of satellite control of the future pan-European Supervisory system for drones. It will allow devices to safely perform flights in uniform air space. It is projected that by 2035, Europe will fly about 400 thousand commercial drones.

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