Changi Airport Introduces Touchless Check-In, Biometric Kiosks

Singapore’s Changi Airport has announced a number of new measures to allow passengers to safely travel through it during the COVID-19 pandemic, including biometric immigration kiosks, touchless check-in, and various cleaning innovations.

Biometrics News - Changi Airport Introduces Touchless Check-In, Biometric Kiosks

The measures are being rolled out airport-wide in anticipation of air travel resuming out of Singapore in the coming weeks. Upon arrival, passengers will be able to use touchless kiosks with proximity sensors powered by infrared technology that will allow them to select options and enter their travel details by holding their finger close to — but without having to actually touch — a display screen.

For passengers needing to go through immigration, new biometric kiosks will use iris and facial recognition for the primary means of authentication in automated immigration lanes, replacing the previously used fingerprint scanners as a contactless and more hygienic solution that may help mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“Passengers will expect airports to deliver the highest standards of safety and hygiene to give them peace of mind during their journey and we will rapidly bring on board new measures as we go into a new normal for air travel,” said Tan Lye Teck, Changi Airport Group, Executive Vice President for Airport Management.

Changi Airport Group (CAG) is also deploying upgraded autonomous cleaning robots that now feature a nozzle for the spraying of a light disinfectant mist on carpets and floors during cleaning, and will also be testing the use of ultraviolet-C (UC-C) LEDs for the disinfecting of handrails on escalators.

CAG will also be trialling contactless elevator buttons that will use infrared sensors — similar to what is being implemented at check-in kiosks — to allow passengers to select a floor by hovering their finger over the corresponding button.

“The improvements we have announced demonstrate CAG’s continuous commitment to passenger health and a positive airport experience,” said Teck. “CAG will work with other aviation partners to instil a high sense of confidence among travellers going through Changi Airport when air travel eventually resumes.”

Changi had previously installed a temperature screening solution at various points in the airport, as well as mandating physical distancing protocols and the wearing of masks by all staff and passengers, in addition to already enhanced cleaning practices for commonly touched surfaces.

Source: TR Business

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