Bziiit The local data revelator

Bziiit is a specialized in the capture, analysis and animation of ultra local data.

Bziiit’s objective is to help operators improve the profitability of their premises.
Bziiit automatically generates macro analyses, customer insights and even profiling.

The innovation lies in the orchestration of multi-sourced data.

Capture : via your I.S, I.O.T, the web and social networks, chatbot.

Analysis : data visualisation, organisation, reporting, chatbot, heat-map…

Animation: chatbot, newsletters, community management, advertising campaigns…

Meet them at Las Vegas CES 2018.

A word from the CEO :

“Our mission is to reveal the development potential of a territory through a precise and detailed capture of digital data (tourism destination, agglomeration, city, through the data of operators and boxes for tracing movements), a place (city centre, shopping area, tourist zone), a point of sale (airport, tourist park, shops, festivals…) and to help elected officials to protect themselves from privatization…”

website :

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