At Roissy airport, a laser to detect people without a mask

The technology of the French start-up Outsight begins to be implemented by ADP.By Elsa BembaronPosted yesterday at 18:52, updated yesterday at 6:52 pm

Outsight technology detects people, not identifies them
Outsight technology detects people, not identifies them Outsight

While the use of facial recognition in public space is causing more and more concerns, Outsight has developed a technology allowing to recognize a person who does not have a mask from another who wears it, while guaranteeing respect for privacy.

” We have started to develop our technology for the automotive industry, with first applications for Faurecia, targeting the autonomous vehicle market ,” explains Raoul Bravo, president and co-founder of Outsight. Faced with the Coronavirus epidemic and the emergence of new imperatives, the start-up has upgraded its “semantic 3D” camera to adapt it to these new needs. Its “autonomous laser” makes it possible “ to identify and follow characteristics linked to individuals, such as the non-wearing of a mask ”. Outsight technology begins to be deployed by ADP, in terminal 2 E at Roissy.

” Our technology is used to understand how flows of people move, where are the congestion points “, explains Raoul Bravo. In fact, applications go beyond detecting the wearing of a mask. This technology makes it possible to find objects or people with a given characteristic in a crowd, in this case, the absence of a mask. It is also used to detect queues and support ADP in its efforts to make passenger movements in the terminals easier. ” Our laser cameras can take on other functions, such as taking temperatures, ” adds Raoul Bravo.

Respect for privacy

Another special feature of the Outsight Laser is that it respects privacy. Indeed, it is a laser and not a camera. Faces are therefore not recognized. There is no constitution of image banks, nor of risks of invasion of the private life. ” It is not a camera, the laser does not recognize people, ” insists Raoul Bravo. A camera captures light while laser technology emits light. It works like a radar – or more precisely a lidar – which analyzes the shapes by ricochet of the waves emitted.

The start-up now aims to expand its field of action. It has received expressions of interest from many transport operators, mainly abroad. ” Our technology is particularly suitable for the management of trains and metros, ” adds Raoul Bravo. What give some start-up development prospects. Founded just over a year ago, it now employs thirty-five people.

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