Amadeus and Accenture showcase future airline innovation

Amadeus and Accenture showcase future airline innovation at Millennial 20/20

If you want to see into the future, you have to “connect” with the people who will be shaping it. And that’s exactly what Amadeus and Accenture did in partnership at the recent Millennial 20/20 North America summit in New York City.

As businesses of all sizes are faced with increasing complexity and evolving consumer preferences, they must embrace innovation, disruption and technology as key to their future. Millennial 20/20 brings established brands and startups together for summits held around the world to explore the future of next-generation commerce from the perspective of the digitally savvy consumer. The hundreds of attendees at the New York event gained insight from multiple speakers, panels and experiential exhibitions across industry specific tracks from travel and food to fitness and fashion.

Working in collaboration as part of the Accenture Amadeus alliance, the two companies showcased the future of the traveler experience and airline industry. The alliance was established to help lead airlines through the digital transformation of the marketplace, from evolving the way they do business to developing breakthrough solutions to improve the traveler experience.  Accenture and Amadeus partnered to present “Innovation2: The Future of Travel,” an interactive exhibit bringing the future vision of air travel to life by revealing how advances in technology, analytics and automation will power tomorrow’s flight experience.

IMG_5409Concepts revolved around key areas such as airlines as the next generation retailer, the unique traveler’s experience, rethinking airline operations and how airlines are reinventing themselves. Attendees – including numerous airlines from around the world – got a hands-on look at experimental air travel innovation in action: from inspirational travel search and shopping technology, to how blockchain can address lost luggage, disruption management chat bots, or even how holograms might transform aircraft maintenance training.

IMG_5358During a mainstage panel, “Phoenix Rising – How are Airlines going to be disrupted?” Amadeus experts and others discussed how airlines are looking to innovative approaches and technologies to manage rising customer expectations and digital disruption.

And what’s a summit about the future and innovation without startups. The Millennial 20/20 Startups Street presented a forum for travel-focused entrepreneurs to network, pitch their vision and advance their business.

One only has to look at Millennial 20/20 to know that no matter how the future actually manifests itself, what is clear is that the airline industry is poised for end-to-end innovation, from traveler experience to operations.  And working in tandem with the right technology and partners in the travel industry anything – and everything – is possible.

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