ACI commends airports for customer engagement during pandemic


Airports Council International (ACI) World has commended airports that have continued to prioritize listening and engaging with customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘The Voice of the Customer’ recognition is for airports that have demonstrated significant efforts in gathering passenger feedback through the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) program to help them better understand their customers during the pandemic. To qualify, an airport member must have collected three or more quarters of data. It is separate from the organization’s ASQ awards and in total 140 airports have received recognition.

“The Voice of the Customer celebrates the commitment of airports that continued listening to passengers and adapting processes and procedures to meet changing expectations of customer experience in response to Covid-19,” said ACI world director general Luis Felipe de Oliveira. “As our industry works toward recovery, airports that listen to – and prioritize the needs and expectations of – customers will be better placed to respond. ACI’s ASQ program gives airports the tools, objective measurement and benchmarking for them to gather information on the needs and expectations of customers and help drive their performance in response.”

The awards were sponsored by airport IT technology provider Amadeus. Bruno Spada, the company’s executive vice president of airport IT, commented, “We are proud to support this important recognition of airports that relentlessly sought to gather passenger feedback during the pandemic. During that period, we have worked in partnership with airports to help them rapidly scale passenger handling capacity up or down, to serve passengers in new parts of the airport or off-airport and to make their experience contactless.”

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