Your smartphone is now your passport at Dubai airport

Emiratis, GCC citizens and the UAE residents who use the smart gates will no longer have to queue at the boarding gates.

If you’re travelling first class or business, a soon-to-be-implemented project will allow you to go straight to boarding gate without undergoing immigration check at Dubai airports.

The ongoing Gitex Technology Week revealed that two future projects and one currently being implemented will make travelling smooth and smart at Dubai airports.

There is another future project that will allow passengers to finish immigration check under 15 seconds by walking through a ‘smart tunnel’ without the need of presenting their passport.

And a system currently implemented on a limited basis allows travellers to fly even without their passports or boarding pass as long as they have their smartphone.

Speaking to Khaleej Times at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai on Monday, Capt Amer Rashed Almheiri, general directorate of residency and foreign affairs (GDRFA) director of smart application department, said as part of the Dubai 10X Initiative, a futuristic project will allow a traveller to ride an e-car, equipped with immigration checks.

“There is a camera inside the car that uses facial recognition, which is connected to smart immigration gates at the check-in areas.

“All information are captured, including passport details and the boarding pass will be sent to the counter. The traveller will not have to go through the immigration and can go straight to the lounge and the boarding gate,” he said.

“What is more amazing is that there is a weighing scale and scanner at the boot of the car so the baggage will be weighed, scanned for any prohibited materials and after passing the scanning will go straight to the cargo area of the plane,” Almheiri added.

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