The common goal between all travellers

Ayman Aboabah, CEO KAIA – Keynote interview, “The common goal between all travellers.”

At Aviation Festival Asia, Mr Ayman Aboabah, CEO King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) joined renowned travel industry analyst Henry Harteveldt for a keynote interview. During the conversation, Aboabah discussed the airport’s plans for a seamless passenger journey which focuses on innovation as well as financial and environmental sustainability. In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 goals, the airport is preparing for a rapid scaling up of demand expecting to grow over 2.5 times within the next seven years. A significant component of this demand comes from religious travellers. Approximately 40 per cent of the predicted passenger traffic is formed of religious travellers, with the airport acting as a gateway for pilgrims to the Holy Mosques (Hajj and Umrah). The interview highlights the varying requirements and expectations of religious travellers, many of whom may be first time flyers, people from small towns, and some who do not engage with technology on the same level as the average traveller. Consequently, this presents KAIA with a range to consider when crafting the best travel experience for all passengers. Aboabah explains during the conversation that despite these travellers speaking hundreds of languages, coming from all over the world, harbouring differences in education and mindset, they all share a common goal; the desire for seamless travel.

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