Technology key for traveller tribes when it comes to cars and transfers


The sharing economy’s impact on the car and taxi sector hasn’t been as immense as it has been on the hotel industry, but there have certainly been ripple effects that have changed the way travellers do point to point ground transportation. Apps like Uber have made booking a ride directly into a billion-dollar business, and kick-started a revolution in how people book cabs. With technology as the common denominator, each of the traveller tribes highlighted in our research will approach cars and transfers at their destination differently.

The ease inherent in using taxi, transfer and car sharing apps will be especially appealing to Simplicity Searchers. Concierge desks and visitor advice centres can encourage Simplicity Searchers to take advantage of these services by helping them to access and download the apps which are relevant to the local market.

On the other hand, Cultural Purists will argue that sharing economy transportation services recycle income back into the local economy. Taxi and transfer apps are creating jobs while car-pooling and ride-sharing gives them the chance to meet locals or other likeminded travellers.

Social Capital Seekers are predisposed to use apps and their phone for booking a ride, so they are likely to be part of the sharing economy already. Meeting new people via car-sharing will bring new contacts into their social network.

Many of the established taxi and transfer app businesses have on-demand limousine services such as Cabify will appeal to the Reward Hunters. This product range will have great appeal within the city environment and will appeal to this tribe’s desire for luxury at every turn. Upmarket and boutique hoteliers could form partnerships with limousine providers to ensure that the Reward Hunter always has access to a luxury vehicle.

Quite often getting around a city is more fraught than getting a flight. Obligation Meeters need to know Shrithat taxi and transfer apps are part of transport options and that a ride is only a few taps away. This tribe will appreciate the ease of use of Blacklane and other similar services, and if there is a corporate relationship in place, expense claims will be easier as well.

Particularly popular with Ethical Travellers are car-pooling or ride-sharing apps, especially for longer journeys. The Ethical Traveller might balk at traditional car hire but sharing a long journey would be less of an environmental concern.

Want to learn more about the emerging traveller tribes? Check out our Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Beyond Air Travel research.


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