Flying out of Beijing’s NEW Daxing Airport · VIP Experience with China Eastern to Shanghai

Welcome to this special edition video of Beijing Daxing Airport ! To all my subscribers a warm welcome back 🙂 2019 – the 70th anniversary of Communist China; 40 years had ensued Deng Xiaoping’s opening and reform economic policy. In 1979, the only international flight between China and the U.S. is from Beijing to New York via San Francisco. Today, there are well over 30 flights operating between China and the U.S. China’s commercial aviation market developed to a great extent very similar to the country’s economy. With the central government in Beijing setting out GDP target for each respective provincial government, China was able to reach rapid growth rate at a national level. Local subsidies have contributed substantially to the international growth of Chinese commercial aviation market. Undoubtedly, Beijing Daxing International Airport is one of the most valued project in recent years. The construction began in 2014 with the entire landscape designed by Zaha Hadid, with over 25 billion USD in investment, it was destined to be the paradigm of modern China. This November, roughly a month after the initial opening of the airport, I had the fortune to visit personally and experience this remarkable facility from a passenger’s perspective. I hope you had enjoyed the content and please comment below with any questions and I’ll do my best to cover all.

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